• Cheated By Your Insurance Company?

    It sounds simple: you buy insurance and rightly assume that you will be compensated by your insurance company if you suffer a loss. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Insurers sometimes deny legitimate claims even if they don't have a valid reason to do so. When an insurance company betrays your trust, you feel helpless and need a lawyer you can trust. Read More
  • Personable, Responsive Attorneys

    If you are searching the internet for personal injury attorneys, you may be thinking about trying to deal with the insurance carrier yourself, or maybe calling one of those lawyers you know by first name from their TV ads, but will probably never meet in real life, and are reluctant to do either. Freedman & Herskovic, PLC try to offer what they think someone in this situation needs and wants, that is, experienced professional representation by local lawyers who will personally handle your claim on a first name basis.
  • We Are Dedicated, Experienced Lawyers

    Freedman & Herskovic are serious trial lawyers who are not afraid to fight for your rights in court. Providing you over 40 years of combined experience, we make a powerful team. We are proud of our role as active participants in the justice system — in the courts, the area bar associations and in the Southeast Michigan area.
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Areas of Practice

Freedman, Herskovic & Spagnuolo, PLC Areas of PracticeFreedman & Herskovic, PLC protects your case when you have been injured in any kind of personal injury due to the carelessness of others. Your personal injury attorney helps you to realize your personal worth and gets you appropriate compensation for your injury. The emotional pain, suffering and material loss incurred to you can thus be recovered. You need not fear whopping lawyers fees for such a case. The state has a contingency plan, according to which your lawyer is paid out of the proceeds of any settlement. If you too have been in the wrong, it is possible for Freedman & Herskovic to help you get compensated in proportion to your involvement in the accident.

In spite of insurance coverage, it is essential that you contact Freedman & Herskovic, PLC so as to get clear and pertinent legal advice. In Michigan, a personal injury lawyer takes care of all the case requirements, right from documentation and filing and verdicts, to the best possible solution for your case so as to secure a suitable compensation for you.

You could help your attorneys by collecting all possible information at the accident site like the name, contact address and the plate number of the person who caused you the injury. Take care to note the names and address of the witnesses present. If you are able to get hold of some evidence, keep it safe for inspection by your lawyer.

Personal injury could range from automobile accidents to the negligence of your doctor or health care professional. It could even encompass a vendor selling you defective products or injuries sustained on somebody else's premises because of poor maintenance.

Freedman & Herskovic, PLC will take care of all the personal injury cases within the court jurisdiction of Michigan. We handle the following types of injuries:

Institutional Bad Faith: Claim-Handling Complaints Against Your Insurance Company

No-Fault Insurance Claim Fraud

Automobile, Truck, & Motorcycle Accidents

Medical Malpractice

Dog Bite

Products Liability

Premises Liability

Social Security Disability Appeals